5 – 5/8 x 55 – Perilla tail

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There’s a light to medium chocolate shiny oily clear wrapper with a very strong barnyard smell and a bit of hay thrown in. It also has a small perilla cap that has been perfectly applied.

The first third starts with an impressive amount of spice out of the gate, along with cedar, hay, and earth flavors. There is some sweetness as well, but not much of it, it is really more of a background note at this point.

The second third of the B54 starts out with the spice before winding down quite a bit. The B54 shifts abruptly to a sweeter, more creamy profile, although interestingly, the flavors are close to the same, more cedar, more earthiness, and more hay, instead of the spice from before, the sweetness is the dominant companion. There is also just a bit of dark chocolate present as well.

The last third part of the B54 ramps up again the spices, although not to the same levels and the creamy sweetness remains, along with all of the same flavors that have been present throughout the smoke and adding a great graham cracker note as well.

Box = 25 Cigars