4 x 26 – Bundle of 25

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The binder is Dominican, and the fillers are a mixture of  Dominican and Honduran tobacco. These sticks are unusual in that they are hand-rolled. Chicos come with  Ecuadorian wrapper shade wrapped in a single vitola. The stick produces a distinct aroma of natural tobacco and some hints of spice.

The first half of the cigarillo starts off with some strong natural tobacco flavors that will continue throughout the smoke. A wood spice accompanies the tobacco notes and adds a little heat to the blend with some grassy and earthy notes in the background as well, giving the blend a savory profile overall. Though these cigarillos are not particularly complex, they do offer steady flavors that maintain their integrity until the nub.

In the second half, the same tobacco, wood spice, grass and earth flavors are still present. The tobacco and wood spice are still the dominant notes, though the wood spices transitions into something closer to cedar spice. The earth and grass notes are tertiary during the second half and just provide some flavor accents. The cigarillo finishes with a little heat though it is not harsh.

The blend produces no harshness at the back of the throat, and the temperature stays constant. This, along with its mild strength and medium body, makes it an ideal smoke for people looking for a brief respite. These cigarillos are the perfect solution to enjoy their hobby during a quick smoke break.