Corona Especial Box

7 x 41 – Piggy tail – non cut wrapper from the foot – Box of 12 cigars

100 in stock

Corona Especial certainly has potential thanks to its unusual flavor profile. You can only note the absence of ‘greenness’, a characteristic due to the aged filler. Pre-draw presents spice and green tea. Upon lighting up, this cigar immediately warns you that it means business and that it is definitely a full-bodied cigar. It starts with a spicy bang as well as a very pleasant ”aspereza” which intensifies throughout the cigar.

In the first third roasted nuts, herbs, and coffee flavorings with a pleasant herbaceous aftertaste will be detected. There is also a bit of white pepper and vanilla.

In the second third, the spices begin to kick in more, but the smoke remains very smooth.

At the last third, the Corona Especial presents earthy undertones with a bit of vanilla at times and an overall powerful spicy profile and ” aspire”, never becoming harsh. The last third would be very nicely paired with a good Islay single malt whiskey.