Elegante Box

6 – 1/2 x 55 – Box of 20 cigars

100 in stock

This cigar features a dark-chocolate Maduro wrapper. This is a well-constructed cigar. The cigar has a nice oily sheen to it.

The wrapper and the foot have a very earthy and barnyard smell to it. Once the cigar is cut with the pre-light draw have a honey and sweet taste to it. The draw is very good for such a solid cigar. The cigar has a spicy taste to it prior to lighting it up, and the spicy taste seems to last for a few minutes before dissipating.

After lighting the cigar, the initial draw and retro-hale have a roasted nut and roasted coffee taste. These are very pleasant. About an inch into the cigar, some leather notes are present. It is a nice, long finish, which gets even longer for the second half of the cigar.

The cigar’s smoke is very abundant and rose very quickly.

All throughout the cigar, all flavors are very balanced and very pleasant. The cigar is a medium body, very pleasant full flavor cigar.