6 x 62

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Just by looking at it, it is flawless on the outside.

The initial attack is amazingly smooth with loads of sweet floral notes. There is some light woody, cedar thing that goes on underneath the floral qualities, very unique and delicious.
While finishing off the 1st third the body is definitely medium, but the flavor is full and doesn’t seem to let up. Almost around halfway through this figurado, and the flavor profile will not change much but the body is more full-bodied. Ever since the first third a persistent mild spice that I pinned as white pepper is noticed. The white pepper is very aromatic from the smoke released from the foot and through the retro-hale.
The last half evolves seamlessly into an amalgam of sweet nuttiness, cedar, floral, and oak flavors. The increase in complexity is a nice change from the straightforward flavors for most of the first half.
Box = 25 Cigars