5 x 49 – bundle of 25 cigars

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The Perlita is a sandwich filler – a rustic-looking cigar. The wrapper is Colorado in appearance and has visible veins. This cigar is very well-packed and feels solid in the hand. It has a snug draw but is fine to smoke with one cut from a v-cutter (V-cuts do not leave pieces of tobacco in one’s mouth). Lighting the cigar is easy and produces a good amount of smoke. Flavors are sweet and nutty. Flavors do not remain long and are quickly replaced with a drier straight Dominican tobacco taste with some woodiness. The cigar is medium in strength with medium-bodied smoke. It is smooth in the first third. The cigar burns slowly for a TC and lasts almost 45 mins for me.

I think this cigar will get better with age, perhaps like the Quintero Panetelas and Brevas, hopefully, sweeter like the Panetelas. I would say that this cigar is better than JLPs, which is better than a yard guar, though it would fulfill that role too. To me, it’s a quick smoke, offerIng good Cuban flavors, though one dimensional, and easy on the wallet. I feel that this cigar is a shorter version of the Favoritos but I really need to smoke one of those again to confirm. Some Favoritos can be very poorly constructed wind tunnels, I hope we don’t see that with these.