6 – 1/8 x 53 – Torpedo shape

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If you are looking for a cigar with a sweet flavor profile, one that provides noticeable cocoa and coffee tones with hints of vanilla and the occasional hint of citrus balanced with just the right amount of saltiness and spice, then this cigar is definitely for you.

In the first third, the Pyramide cigar starts with a nice spice and an immediate saltiness-aroma to it. The spice doesn’t last long and while it doesn’t go away completely, it is noticeably less than an inch into the cigar. The first third quickly settles into a rich cocoa flavor profile with a velvety finish with some muted pepper on the back end. There is a very pleasing balance between the saltiness on the lips and the front end of the palate and the sweet peppery finish on the back end.

The second third has a nice blend of a salty front end with just enough spice on the back end of the palate to make the smoke complex enough to hold your interest. There are aromas of wood cocoa, coffee, and a thick sweet caramel-like texture to the smoke which remains very thick during the entire cigar experience. Some hints of leather, vanilla, and some very mild citrus notes tend to emerge approaching the halfway point of the cigar but they don’t remain long. Instead, the vanilla and citrus hints come in and out of the cigar but remain very muted.

In the final third, the flavor at this point is like semi-sweet chocolate with hints of coffee and natural tobacco with some cedar undertones. The finish is long and there is just enough pepper on the back end of the palate to compliment the flavor but not overpower it. The Pyramide is not an “earthy” cigar. The peppery spice on the back end of the palate stays with the cigar almost throughout but does fluctuate in intensity with most of it near the beginning of the cigar and the final third.

Box = 25 Cigars