Santino Box

5 – 3/16 x 57 – Perilla tail from the foot – Box of 12 cigars

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The first third, Connoisseur opens up with a dark, or bitter chocolate character to it. The bitter, cocoa-like flavor up front leads into a rich, creamy mouth feel backed by a toasty, nutty flavor, finishing with a familiar, leathery note. The draw is medium and the burn is even. The strength through the first third is medium

The second third, Connoisseur is a spectacular balanced of roasts, nut, and toffee flavors cigar.  Specifically makes note of the absence of any spice or pepper character during the second third. Just pure rich and savory notes with a nice, dry leathery undertone, and a slightly pungent character coming directly from the wrapper. The draw and strength remain medium, and the Connoisseur continues to burn evenly through the second third.

The final third is a little different between the final third and the second third.  The depth of the flavor remains consistent, and the savory, roasts, and toffee notes stay nicely balanced with the leathery undertone.  As the cigar dwindles down to the finger-burning stage, a slight bitterness creeps into the draw. The burn stays even until the end. The draw and strength remain medium.